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Parent-Teacher Conf

Thanksgiving break is rapidly approaching and that means so are parent-teacher conferences! Conferences will be held on Monday, Nov 23rd. Grades K-4 conferences are by appointment; sign up [here]. Grades 5-8 conferences will be held in Milligan Hall. Each teacher will have a station and you can move freely from one to another with small lines forming for each individual if a meeting is already in progress.

Hixson Teacher of the Year Announcement

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Private Transportation

Please make sure to stay in your car and a teacher will ask for your name and bring your child (or children) to you. Remember that there are specific instructions to ensure safety and smooth dismissal during Private Transportation days.

If there is a change to your childís dismissal location, please email your childís homeroom teacher. Thank you so much for your patience and support making Private Transportation run smoothly and safely!

  • Front lot: All car riders and bus numbers 81, 40, 90
  • Back lot: CCH 2 & 3, 85, 50, 132
  • Rectory lot: 11, 58, 61, 127


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